Hologram Girl

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Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book „AI love you“ explores the emerging topics and rapid technological developments of robotics and artificial intelligence through the lens of the evolving role of sex robots, and how they should best be designed to serve human needs. „An international panel of authors provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based empirical research […]

Utopias for a Free and Beautiful World

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Dr. Mathilde Noual (Freie Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel (School of Business FHNW) are organizing a workshop on the social implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. They are looking for constructive proposals of technological and conceptual utopias, of counter-cultures and counter-systems offering strategies for preserving privacy, individuality, and freedom in a technological […]

About Basic Property

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The title of one of the AAAI 2019 Spring Symposia is „Interpretable AI for Well-Being: Understanding Cognitive Bias and Social Embeddedness“. An important keyword here is „social embeddedness“. Social embeddedness of AI includes issues like „AI and future economics (such as basic income, impact of AI on GDP)“ or „well-being society (such as happiness of […]

Chatbots in Glasgow

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„In the last five years, work on software that interacts with people via typed or spoken natural language, called chatbots, intelligent assistants, social bots, virtual companions, non-human players, and so on, increased dramatically. Chatbots burst into prominence in 2016. Then came a wave of research, more development, and some use. The time is right to […]

The Theft of the Voice

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The article „The Synthetization of Human Voices“ by Oliver Bendel, first published on 26 July 2017, is now available as a print version. The synthetization of voices, or speech synthesis, has been an object of interest for centuries. It is mostly realized with a text-to-speech system (TTS), an automaton that interprets and reads aloud. This […]

Professorship for Ethics of Digital Technologies

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In 2019, the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research at Ruhr-Universität Bochum will be awarding a W1 (W2) tenure-track professorship for Ethics of digital methods and technologies at the Institute of Philosophy I. „The future tenure-track professor will be representing the field of ethics in union with philosophy of current technology excellently in education and […]

Lecturers as Holograms

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At the conference „Robophilosophy“ in Vienna in February 2018, Hiroshi Ishiguro spoke about his geminoid, which he adjusts every few years according to his own statement. Looking at him one could assume he was adjusted too, considering how much younger he seems than on older photos showing him with his artificial twin. After his speech, […]

Bodyhacking als Trend

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Ein aktueller Beitrag von Bloomberg widmet sich dem Biohacking und auch speziell dem Bodyhacking. Nach der Meinung von Oliver Bendel hat jeder hat das Recht, sich Chips zu implantieren oder Prothesen anzubringen und sich anderweitig zu optimieren. Manchmal dient dies auch gesundheitlichen Zwecken. Der Umbau des Körpers ist alt, wenn man an Piercings, Tattoos etc. […]

Successful Completion of the BESTBOT Project

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The BESTBOT was developed at the School of Business FHNW from March to August 2018. Predecessor projects were GOODBOT (2013) and LIEBOT (2016). Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel has been doing research in the young discipline of machine ethics for several years. In cooperation with robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), it designs and produces moral machines. At the […]

Understanding AI & Us

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The international workshop „Understanding AI & Us“ will take place in Berlin (Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society) on 30 June 2018. It is hosted by Joanna Bryson (MIT), Janina Loh (University of Vienna), Stefan Ullrich (Weizenbaum Institute Berlin) and Christian Djeffal (IoT and Government, Berlin). Birgit Beck, Oliver Bendel and Pak-Hang Wong […]

Sex Robots are Coming

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„Sex robots are coming, but the argument that they could bring health benefits, including offering paedophiles a ’safe‘ outlet for their sexual desires, is not based on evidence, say researchers. The market for anthropomorphic dolls with a range of orifices for sexual pleasure – the majority of which are female in form, and often boast […]

The Chatbot that Uses Face Recognition

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Machine ethics researches the morality of semiautonomous and autonomous machines. The School of Business at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW realized a project for implementation of a prototype called GOODBOT, a novelty chatbot and a simple moral machine. One of its meta rules was it should not lie unless not […]

Co-robots from an Ethical Perspective

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The book chapter „Co-robots from an Ethical Perspective“ by Oliver Bendel was published in March 2018. It is included in the book „Business Information Systems and Technology 4.0“ (Springer). The abstract: „Cooperation and collaboration robots work hand in hand with their human colleagues. This contribution focuses on the use of these robots in production. The […]

Programme of AAAI Spring Symposium

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The tentative schedule of AAAI 2018 Spring Symposium on AI and Society at Stanford University (26 – 28 March 2018) has been published. On Tuesday Emma Brunskill from Stanford University, Philip C. Jackson („Toward Beneficial Human-Level AI … and Beyond“) and Andrew Williams („The Potential Social Impact of the Artificial Intelligence Divide“) will give a […]

The Uncanny Return of Physiognomy

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Face recognition is the automated recognition of a face or the automated identification, measuring and description of features of a face. In the 21st century, it is increasingly attempted to connect to the pseudoscience of physiognomy, which has its origins in ancient times. From the appearance of persons, a conclusion is drawn to their inner […]

Robotics Conference at the European Parliament

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The Digital Europe Working Group Conference Robotics will take place on 8 November 2017 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The keynote address will be given by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Society and Economy. The speakers of the first panel are Oliver Bendel (Professor of Information Systems, Information Ethics and Machine Ethics at […]

Neuerfindung der Ethik

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„Autonome Waffen, künstliche Intelligenz, Algorithmen: In einer digitalisierten Welt stellen sich zahlreiche ethische Fragen. Wo genau liegen die Problemfelder? Wie sollen wir als Gesellschaft damit umgehen? Und wo muss sogar Umdenken stattfinden? Auf diese Fragen wollen die insgesamt 20 Beiträge ausgewählter Expertinnen und Experten erste Antworten geben und einen Diskurs entfachen, der uns noch viele […]

About Sex Robots and Love Dolls

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Inverse is an American online magazine, launched by Dave Nemetz, co-founder of Bleacher Report. It is based in San Francisco, California. According to the New York Observer, Inverse „aims to capture the millennial dude market with quirky takes on subjects like tech, games (video and board) and space“ (Observer, October 20, 2015). Gabe Bergado asked […]

Nursing Robots from the Perspective of Ethics

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The swissnexDay’16 will take place at the University of Basel (December 15, 2016). The second break-out session „Care-Robots – an elderly’s best friend?“ starts shortly after 4 pm. An extract from the description: „Ageing societies and a lack of qualified caregivers are challenging our current system and innovative solutions are strongly needed. Japan, with 20% of […]