The Next Robophilosophy Conference

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„Once we place so-called ’social robots‘ into the social practices of our everyday lives and lifeworlds, we create complex, and possibly irreversible, interventions in the physical and semantic spaces of human culture and sociality. The long-term socio-cultural consequences of these interventions is currently impossible to gauge.“ (Website Robophilosophy Conference) With these words the next Robophilosophy […]

New Platform about Robophilosophy

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Robophilosophy or robot philosophy is a field of philosophy that deals with robots (hardware and software robots) as well as with enhancement options such as artificial intelligence. It is not only about the practice and history of development, but also the history of ideas, starting with the works of Homer and Ovid up to science […]

About Service Robots

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Service robots are becoming ever more pervasive in society-at-large. They are present in our apartments and our streets. They are found in hotels, hospitals, and care homes, in shopping malls, and on company grounds. In doing so, various challenges arise. Service robots consume energy, they take up space in ever more crowded cities, sometimes leading […]

Lecturers as Holograms

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At the conference „Robophilosophy“ in Vienna in February 2018, Hiroshi Ishiguro spoke about his geminoid, which he adjusts every few years according to his own statement. Looking at him one could assume he was adjusted too, considering how much younger he seems than on older photos showing him with his artificial twin. After his speech, […]

Der Geminoid im Uncanny Valley

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Hiroshi Ishiguro von der Universität Osaka war einer der Keynote-Sprecher auf der „Robophilosophy„-Konferenz in Wien vom 14. bis 17. Februar 2018. Der Japaner baut, wie einige Ingenieure, humanoide Roboter. Allerdings sind diese keine Karikaturen wie Pepper. Sie sind möglichst detailgetreue Kopien von realen oder fiktionalen Menschen. Ein Beispiel ist der Geminoid, der künstliche Doppelgänger des […]

Robophilosophy Conference in Vienna

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„Robophilosophy 2018 – Envisioning Robots In Society: Politics, Power, And Public Space“ is the third event in the Robophilosophy Conference Series which focusses on robophilosophy, a new field of interdisciplinary applied research in philosophy, robotics, artificial intelligence and other disciplines. The main organizers are Prof. Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh, Dr. Janina Loh and Michael Funk. Plenary […]