International Architecture Exhibition Postponed

La Biennale di Venezia announces that the 17th International Architecture Exhibition („How Will We Live Together?“) has been postponed to 2021, to be held from 22 May to 21 November. If all things go well, next year’s Salon Suisse will again be dedicated to the topic „Bodily Encounters“. In this case, a lecture by Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel on bio- and bodyhacking will take place in Palazzo Trevisan, followed by a discussion with Mike Schaffner and Prof. Dr. Georg Vrachliotis. Biohacking can be defined as the use of biological, chemical or technical means to penetrate organisms or their components in order to change and improve them. The combination of organisms is also possible, creating real-life chimeras. A subsection of biohacking is bodyhacking, in which one intervenes in the animal or human body with biological and chemical, but above all technical means (computer chips, magnets, devices of all kinds, exoskeletons and prostheses), often with the aim of animal or human enhancement and sometimes with a transhumanist mentality. Oliver Bendel is an information and machine ethicist and has been working on human enhancement and animal enhancement for years. Georg Vrachliotis is a professor of architecture, Mike Schaffner a transhumanist.

Fig.: At Biennale di Venezia