Die CEPE-IACAP 2015 Joint Conference findet vom 22. bis 25. Juni 2015 an der University of Delaware statt. Der Call for Abstracts bezieht sich auf „ethical and philosophical problems relate to information technologies and computing“ (Website IACAP). Zum Fokus heißt es genauer: „Philosophical and ethical enquiries about information technologies, computing, and artificial intelligence have acquired a focal place in the academic and societal debate on the design, development and deployment of technological artefacts. As the issues to be addressed are increasingly complex and interwoven, the need to consider different stakeholders and to endorse both multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches in addressing such problems become more pressing.“ (Website IACAP) Die Abstracts müssen bis 2. Februar 2015 eingereicht werden. Weitere Informationen über www.iacap.org.