Roboter unter uns

Omer Kabir von der israelischen Tageszeitung Calcalist hat im Februar 2017 ein Interview mit Oliver Bendel geführt, das am 16. August 2017 erschienen ist. Es geht um Künstliche Intelligenz, Robotik und Maschinenethik. Zu einer Frage führte Oliver Bendel aus: „I would like to distinguish between simple and complex moral machines. While simple moral machines are useful and valuable in many contexts, e.g., in order to protect animals in the household, in the parkway or in the wilderness, complex moral machines can be dangerous, on the battle field as well as in road traffic. I am against autonomous weapons and autonomous cars which decide between life and death of human beings. I prefer simple machines which follow simple rules in our absence, simple machines that are our representatives, not least in a moral sense.“ Auf eine andere gab er die Antwort: „Industrial and service robots as well as agents and chatbots will support and replace us, doing some things better than their human competitors. They may be more precise, faster and cheaper. The machines can used for automatic operation round the clock. We may experience initial discomfort and pressure. After some discussions and perhaps revolutions, we could head for adequate economic, political and legal conditions. Perhaps there will be an unconditional basic income for all citizens, and I must admit that I sympathise with this idea. Other experts also propose a machinery tax or a quota of robots, but I am rather sceptical about such restrictions. I like the discussions about them more than themselves.“ Der Artikel mit dem Titel „Affäre mit einem Roboter“ kann hier als PDF heruntergeladen oder über www.calcalist.co.il/internet/articles/0,7340,L-3719292,00.html aufgerufen werden.

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