Clarity on Digital Labor

„Exciting times with great opportunities exist right around the corner. Digital labor, the term given to the continuum of technologies ranging from automating swivel-chair activities such as cutting and pasting content from one system to another right up to cognitive solutions that can think, learn and reason like humans, is no longer a consideration but a mandate.“ These records are taken from the preface of KPMG’s new report „Clarity on Digital Labor“. „Swiss politics in the digital age“ on pages 20 – 23 is an interview with Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr, „Nurturing leaders in the digital economy“ an article by Nitin Manoharan, Philip Morris International. Ramona Delco did the interview with Oliver Bendel, published under the title „Digital labor as a co-working opportunity“. The information and machine ethicist living in Zurich has been dealing with semi-automated, highly and fully automated driving, autonomous cars, care and therapy robots, photo drones and chatbots for years. Recently, he has turned more and more to the use of cooperation and collaboration robots. The report can be downloaded here.

Abb.: Pepper belauscht Klein und Bendel (Foto: Daimler und Benz Stiftung/Dorn)