A Service Robot in Hanoi

In a café in Hanoi, a robot named Mortar is now working. „The robot … is 1.3m tall and weighs 20kg. It can move himself, bring drinks to guests, avoid obstacles. The magnetic sensor will help Robot Mortar detect a tract to follow. When a customer orders a drink, the cafe staff will prepare and place the tray on the robot’s hands, choose the table number so it can find the way to the table. The robot can say simple simple sentence such as ‚Let’s drink, please‘, or more humorous if encountered object ‚boiling water, boiling water, give way to me, please‘ … (Website The News) Another interesting point is, according to the news portal, „that the robot can also express the state of blushing and also blink of an eye which is bringing a lot of customer to the coffee shop“. Mortar is another example of a service robot in public space.

Fig.: On the road in Hanoi