Guys and Dolls

In October 2020 the book „Maschinenliebe“ (ed. Oliver Bendel) was published by Springer. The title means „Machine Love“, „Machines for Love“ or „Machines of Love“. Three contributions are in English. One of them („Guys and Dolls“) is by Kate Devlin and Chloé Locatelli (King’s College London). From the abstract: „This chapter explores the creators and potential consumers of sex robots. With Realbotix as our case study, we take a closer look at the language and sentiments of those developing the technology and those who are testing, consuming, or showing an interest in it. We do this by means of website and chat forum analysis, and via interviews with those involved. From this, we can see the motivation for developing a sexual companion robot places the emphasis firmly on the companionship aspect, and that those involved in creating and consuming the products share an ideology of intimacy and affection, with sexual gratification only playing a minor role.“ More information via www.springer.com/de/book/9783658298630.

Fig.: Kate Devlin in London