Hologram Girl

Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book „AI love you“ explores the emerging topics and rapid technological developments of robotics and artificial intelligence through the lens of the evolving role of sex robots, and how they should best be designed to serve human needs. „An international panel of authors provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based empirical research on the potential sexual applications of artificial intelligence. Early chapters discuss the objections to sexual activity with robots while also providing a counterargument to each objection. Subsequent chapters present the implications of robot sex as well as the security and data privacy issues associated with sexual interactions with artificial intelligence.“ (Information by Springer) Topics featured in this book include: the Sexual Interaction Illusion Model, the personal companion system, Harmony, designed by Realbotix, an exposition of the challenges of personal data control and protection when dealing with artificial intelligence, and the current and future technological possibilities of projecting three-dimensional holograms. Oliver Bendel is the author of the contribution to the latter topic, entitled „Hologram Girl“. The book is edited by Yuefang Zhou and Martin H. Fischer and will be published in summer 2019. More information via

Fig.: A talk by Oliver Bendel (Photo: Meret Buser)