How the Morality Menu Works

From June 2019 to January 2020 the Morality Menu (MOME) was developed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel. With it you can transfer your own morality to the chatbot called MOBO. First of all, the user must provide various personal details. He or she opens the „User Personality“ panel in the „Menu“ and can then enter his or her name, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and hair color. These details are important for communication and interaction with the chatbot. In a further step, the user can call up the actual morality menu („Rules of conduct“) via „Menu“. It consists of 9 rules, which a user (or an operator) can activate (1) or deactivate (0). The behaviors 1 – 8, depending on how they are activated, result in the proxy morality of the machine (the proxy machine). It usually represents the morality of the user (or the operator). But you can also give the system the freedom to generate its morality randomly. This is exactly what happens with this option. After the morality menu has been completely set, the dialogue can begin. To do this, the user calls up „Chatbot“ in the „Menu“. The Chatbot MOBO is started. The adventure can begin! A video of the MOBO-MOME is available here.

Fig.: The components of the MOBO-MOME