Lecturers as Holograms

At the conference „Robophilosophy“ in Vienna in February 2018, Hiroshi Ishiguro spoke about his geminoid, which he adjusts every few years according to his own statement. Looking at him one could assume he was adjusted too, considering how much younger he seems than on older photos showing him with his artificial twin. After his speech, the audience fired questions at him. One question was why did he build robots at all when there was virtual reality? He answered because of the presence in space. Only holograms could come close to such a presence in future. Some universities are now planning to have lecturers appear as holograms in front of the students. This would actually be an alternative to the use of teaching robots and video-conferencing. Even interactions would be possible if the holograms or projections were connected to speech systems. Dr. David Lefevre, director of Imperial’s Edtech Lab, told the BBC: „The alternative is to use video-conferencing software but we believe these holograms have a much greater sense of presence“. The Gatebox, which was recently launched on the market, and a publication by Oliver Bendel („Hologram Girl“), which will be available at the beginning of 2019, show that love relationships with holograms or projections are also possible.

Fig.: The professor on her way to work