The Xenobots in our Bodies

In a paper published on 13 January 2020, researchers from the University of Vermont and Tufts University discuss computer-designed, novel organisms called Xenobots. Xenobots consist of skin and muscle cells. The skin cells stabilize the organisms, the muscle cells enable them to perform different activities. A nervous system is not present. An AI system calculates the optimal structure and ratio of the cells in relation to a specific function. The Xenobots are assembled according to the resulting construction plan. In fact, the cells appear to work together. They receive their energy from their embryonic resources – for this one must know that they were developed from stem cells from frog embryos. The researchers see different areas of application. One could build Xenobots that clean blood vessels, for example by removing plaque. However, this could also lead to dangers, because it will be easy to insert the biorobots into the bloodstream, but not so easy to remove them. However, there will also be ways to break down the cells.

Fig.: Injection of biorobots