Animals and Machines

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Semi-autonomous machines, autonomous machines and robots inhabit closed, semi-closed and open environments. There they encounter domestic animals, farm animals, working animals and/or wild animals. These animals could be disturbed, displaced, injured or killed. Within the context of machine ethics, the School of Business FHNW developed several design studies and prototypes for animal-friendly machines, which can […]

A Morality Menu for a Domestic Robot

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LADYBIRD, the animal-friendly vacuum cleaning robot, was conceived in 2014 by Oliver Bendel and introduced at Stanford University (AAAI Spring Symposia) in 2017 and then implemented as a prototype at the School of Business FHNW. In the context of the project, a menu was proposed with which the user can set the morale of the vacuum cleaner […]

The LADYBIRD Project

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The LADYBIRD project starts in March 2017. More and more autonomous and semi-autonomous machines make decisions that have moral implications. Machine ethics as a discipline examines the possibilities and limits of moral machines. In this context, Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel developed various design studies and thus submitted proposals for their appearance and functions. He focused […]

The Munchausen Machine

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The LIEBOT project is based on preparatory works by Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel who already initiated the GOODBOT, a chatbot which can be considered a simple moral machine. Since 2013 he has published several articles on this subject and presented automatic strategies with a view to lying. A business informatics student of the School of […]

Considerations in Non-Human Agents

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The proceedings of the AAAI conference 2016 have been published in March 2016 („The 2016 AAAI Spring Symposium Series: Technical Reports“). The symposium „Ethical and Moral Considerations in Non-Human Agents“ was dedicated to the discipline of machine ethics. Ron Arkin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Luís Moniz Pereira (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Peter Asaro (New School […]

Einfache moralische Maschinen

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Auf der Plattform KMU Business World ist am 30. August 2013 der Artikel „Einfache moralische Maschinen“ von Oliver Bendel erschienen. Eine Vorabveröffentlichung brachte der Blog des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik der Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW. Moralische Maschinen sind nach der Meinung des Philosophen und Wirtschaftsinformatikers bereits heute möglich. Man dürfe sie nur nicht zu kompliziert denken […]